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The Next generation of Concept TV by WShanakra that may change lifestyle.


The Next generation of Concept TV that may change lifestyle.

Hologram is a new technology where recently a new device known as “The Hypervsn” Wall has emerged which takes this technology to the next level.


Creating fully HD images over 3 meters tall that at least give the appearance of floating in the air, all while using a mere 65 watts of power.

Music App Design by WShankara


A good user interface is functional, reliable, and enjoyable to use. 

A minimalist and rich featured music player with multiple themes and equalizer is a software project supporting all known media files and has the ability to play them with ease.


However, It's make this music player feel unique yet similar to the other music apps. Less is adapt some part of material design, So you don't have to learn anything new in order to use this app.

3D Exhibition Stall by WShankara


A space marked off for


Future of 3D visualization will take the creating process of architectural projects to the new level of quality and speed.


The most exciting possibilities for 3D architectural rendering is when the renders are combined with virtual reality (VR) technology.

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